Paul Hardcastle

Paul Hardcastle

September 14th and September 15th

Paul Hardcastle [Dec. 11, 1957] never planned to become a musician; he wanted to race motorcycles for a living.  But after an accident sidelined those dreams, he discovered his true calling.

Working as a stereo salesman, he famously traded some video equipment for his first synthesizer. Following some minor underground dance club hits, Hardcastle made a name for himself with the song, “19,” about young soldiers in the VietNam war.  A few years later, “Rainforest” established him on the smooth jazz scene.

In addition to cranking out his own hits,  either solo or with his Jazzmasters, Hardcastle has produced or remixed a variety of artists ranging from Luther Vandross and Barry White to Ian Dury and the Blockheads.  He’s also been active in creating music for movies (The Spice Girls, SpiceWorld) and TV (including writing a new theme for the BBC’s Top of the Pops).

Two of Paul’s children, Maxine and Paul Jr., are also musically-inclined and frequently work with their dad on his music.