At the Movies

I purchased At the Movies when it was first released. I was getting back into playing my sax a bit and enjoying Smooth Jazz radio. (What happened?) Well life got busy raising my teenagers and I never even finished listening to the CD.

Now, more than five years later, I bought some new headphones. Looking for some great music to sample, I found your music on my iPhone. Right now my ears are being bathed in movie memories and rich music. Yes, plasticover reeds make the saxophonic life a teeny bit easier. But I know how hard it is to get good at sax, to stay good at it. I can’t imagine the work it took to get noticed and to keep creating fresh sounds that someone will want to buy. And you’ve used your gifts to try to further other instrumental artists and give hope to people. No I haven’t been a slavish fan and since our smooth Jazz station died in Chicago I haven’t found you on the dial to listen. But I just wanted to say thanks for making great music. When I have some time to just listen and chill your stuff has brought me peace of mind more than once. If I hadn’t played saxophone in band, Jazz Band, and show choir I never would have serenaded a beautiful girl in the hallway after show choir practice. And I sure would have never had the guts to offer her a ride home. And she wouldn’t be asleep upstairs 30 years later (my wife for 23 years now). The sax wasn’t my future, but it’s still in my heart and I still play at Christmas and other times. Somehow your music connects me back to my youth.

I don’t know if you get notes like this very often. So I just want you to know there’s a regular guy out there who appreciates your hard work and the grace you’ve shown………Thanks, Tim