Tommy LiPuma

One of the music industry's most innovative and uniquely creative forces for more than four decades, Verve Music Group Chairman Emeritus Tommy LiPuma's legendary career is record business history in the making. With 29 gold and platinum records to his credit, more than 30 GRAMMY® nominations, and three GRAMMY® Awards, he is one of the most successful pop and jazz producers ever.

All of these accolades have not changed the core of LiPuma's basic approach to his many areas of musical endeavor. As Chairman of Verve, Lipuma's goals were to "sign the best talent and make the best records." He was also dedicated to "developing artists focused on long term solo careers," he said.

By choosing to transition into the position of Chairman Emeritus in 2004, LiPuma decided to spend more time in the studio, and the very essence of what has driven him to be one of the most sought-out producers in the business – his keen musical insight and pristine sensibilities. "I can't always put my finger on why I know something will work. It's more the chills factor I look for — honing in on that artist whose music reaches inside you and takes you somewhere. There's no scientific formula for hitting the mark, but that's part of the excitement and challenge for me."

One of the greatest success stories of LiPuma's career is Diana Krall, with whom he continues a close association.


  • LiPuma is one of the leading collectors of 20th Century American modernist art.
  • He recently gifted Cuyahoga Community College Foundation with a $3 million endowment to help young people afford to enhance their musical and theatrical skills. The Board of Trustees at the college recently named the college's center for creative arts the "Tommy LiPuma Center for Creative Arts."

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