Stuart Wade - Down to the Bone

Down to the Bone is as much a musical concept as a band.
Founder Stuart Wade was in a group called Think Twice, but dissatisfied with their pop direction, he took one of their tracks into the studio and stripped it down to its funkiest elements, "down to the bone" as he describes it.  The remix became a hit on the British dance scene, leading Wade to form a group dedicated to creating the retro urban grooves he loves.

Wade is unique in that he is not a trained musician.  He creates songs by humming his ideas into a tape recorder, then bringing in a team of players to bring them to life.  Those sounds are recreated live by two teams of touring musicians, one for European gigs and one for US shows.  The unusual arrangement has worked well, resulting in 8 well-received albums and several compilations.


  • Stuart Wade is a huge fan of vinyl records; he doesn't even own an iPod because it would take him literally years to transfer his thousands of albums.
  • Stuart used to work as a meat cutter and a bank teller.
  • The band got their name also from a local club called Down to the Bone



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