Born and raised in Munich, Germany, Nils initially thought he’d become a rock guitarist, following in the footsteps of his idol, Richie Blackmore of Deep Purple. However, once he discovered funk and R&B, he was hooked.  He spent hours listening to Nile Rogers and Paul Jackson Jr., and mastering their licks.

Upon moving to L.A. in the 80s, Nils quickly began getting session work with major artists including George Benson, the Temptations and Rick Braun. His smooth jazz breakthrough came with the album, Pacific Coast Highway; the title track was the most-played song of 2005.

He’s since developed a second career scoring music for various TV and movie projects, including the hit cable series, Weeds and the Independent Spirit Awards.


  • Nils has a piece of a guitar owned by Deep Purple’s Richie Blackmore.
  • Nils admits that he left Germany due to the limited options for a guitarist; according to him, you either became a hard rock player, a polka artist or joined a classical ensemble.
  • After moving to LA, Nils was a popular guitar teacher and still offers lessons via his website.

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