Jessy J

Jessy J

November 9th and November 10th

Jessy’s had a gangbuster career already, scoring back-to-back hits, #1 Song of the Year and a #1 Billboard Album in 2011, five years after making her debut she’s back with her highly anticipated Self Produced album entitled Second Chances.

Last year Jessy was able to achieve her dream of becoming a studio musician in Los Angeles, working on the hit television shows “American Idol” and “The Voice.” Her work on “American Idol” impressed Steven Tyler, who invited Jessy to record on the latest Aerosmith album

Second Chances may be all about getting the chance to do something over again, but for Jessy this album is a celebration of firsts as well. She marks a major milestone in her career taking on the role of producer of the album, plus she was able to work with two new artists on her “wish list” via her collaborations with Jeff Lorber and Norman Brown. Jessy has a lot to look forward to as she continues to enjoy the success of her hard work and dedication. As she says, “It’s a great life and I’m grateful for it. It’s going to be a good year!”