A New Years message from Dave

Happy and Healthy 2013 to everyone! Well, we wake up on a Tuesday morning—and a whole new wealth of possibility lies before us. A new year of opportunities for us to be our best selves, to live the life we know we want to lead, to get that much closer to existing in this world in a true and authentic way—a way that is uniquely us. I gotta say, it’s pretty awesome! All the answers are inside—we just have to quiet down enough to listen for them. All the love we need and deserve is there for us. We just have to know where it is. So,my wish for you on this new years day: plenty of time in this new year for you to uncover and nurture the best you–all the aspects of you that are so amazing and so beautiful and so utterly unique—may 2013 offer us ALL countless opportunities to share our own greatness with the world, no matter how big or small that greatness is manifested. It all counts, and it’s all vital. Envision the kind of life you would like to live—the kind of year you dream of having. And then, go get it and claim it as yours! Thank you so much for being in my life and for all the support you have so generously shared with me—I am grateful. The time is now. This is the year. We owe it to ourselves to live to our fullest potential—to not hold back from anything. Bring it ALL on and let’s have our very best year–ever. I mean, why not?!

With love and gratitude, DK.
New Years Day 2013

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Dave Koz and Friends
This Will Be (An Everlasting Love) Featuring Kenny Latimore And Shelea Frazier
Dave Koz and Friends This Will Be (An Everlasting Love) Featuring Kenny Latimore And Shelea Frazier
Dave Koz and Friends
03 Keep That Same Old Feeling
Dave Koz and Friends 03 Keep That Same Old Feeling